Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Tidbits: Lylisms

Lyle, sitting at the desk in our freezing-cold sun room: "I'm going to write you a note, Mommy!"

Me (making lunch): "Mmmmhmmm..."

Lyle: "It's a really special note for you!"

Me (starting to pay attention): "Oh, thanks, Lyle! What does it say?"

Lyle (deliberately pointing word by word to each scribbled line):

"It says, 'My. Butt. Is. Cold!'"


Lyle appears in the kitchen in his dress-up chef hat, which is falling over his eyes.

Me: "Wow, Lyle, you look like a chef!"

Lyle: "Yeah, I'm going to be a baker when I grow up! With Baxter!"

Me: "Mmm, what will you make? Cakes and...?"

Lyle: "Pies!"

Me: "Oh, yum! I love pies. Anything else?"

Lyle: "Yes! Frozen hot dogs!"


Emily, as some know me said...

Kid's got cold on the brain. Those were hilarious.

tulipmom said...

So funny!

The second story reminds of a "cookbook" I made years ago with my third graders. One kid chose "toast" as her recipe. Know how you make toast? Take 2 pieces of toast and put them in the toaster! Very complicated recipe :)

Sounds like Lyle is in need of a good heat wave!

kristenspina said...

Poor little guy, maybe you should buy him a cashmere sweater?!?! That should keep him warm. And a hat too. A cashmere hat would be very nice.

Nadine said...

LOL! The things kids say!