Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

Remember that gym? You know, the one I just joined a couple weeks ago and have been loving? I mean, really loving? As in, not minding getting up at 5:30 AM to go? Mmm hmmm, that one.

It closed today. Yep, closed. They ushered my friend Becky out after her workout, right out a side door, and the parking lot was blocked off. I had to hear about the closure not from the gym itself but from a friend who read it on Chicagoist, where you can read the very bizarre letter from the owner. He claims it was employee fraud, but how do you really know in these matters? The rumor on Chicagoist is that he's a total nut, so who do you believe?

And in the end, who cares? Because no matter who ran the place into the ground, I still had to cover my ass by canceling my debit card (do I even know the problems this may cause?), stopping payment on their recurring payments (which was such a ridiculous process at Bank of America that I was ready to jump ship to the old fashioned Broadway Bank, where - as Matt put it - they'd be helicoptering me a new debit card in the time it took me to get off hold at B of A), and putting fraud alerts out on all three major credit bureaus.

What a first day back at work!

But, the biggest problem is: I now have no gym again. Time to start the search over again from the beginning.

All the Circa notebooks and Google Calendar alerts can't help me with this one.



Christopher Tassava said...

Holy cow! I think I jinxed you guys, because today was the first day since 1995 that I went to an actual gym to work out. This may have disrupted the cosmic balance of gym-going. But yikes - the letter is insane. Very well-crafted to name no names. Good luck finding a new gym!

kristen said...

Yikes. What a mess.

Shan said...

That is INSANE! Way too dramatic. (The side, door, the blocked parking lot...) A less motivated person might take it all to be a sign from the universe not to work out. Not that I'm encouraging such an interpretation, of course.