Friday, August 10, 2007

Still Crazy After All These Years

Our courtship was somewhat, shall we say, goofy...

(Dennys, 1993)

But we got a little classier with age.

(Hawaii, 2000; 6 mos. pg with Baxter)

First we added this knucklehead:

(November 2000)

And then this one:

(August 2004)

(September 2004)

And now it's safe to say that our life is a four-ring circus.
Which is probably why we still have lots of this:

(Spring 2005)

and this:

(Spring 2006)

So, as we kick off our 12th year of marriage
I want to stop the madness for a moment to say I love you, and thanks for all the laughs -
and may we pose for the camera with silverware on our faces at our 50th anniversary!

Happy 11th Anniversary, Matt!


kristen said...

Love it. Great photos. And happy anniversary!

Christopher Tassava said...

Happy anniversary, you crazies!

beata said...

Happy anniversary.And it is time for a baby girl!! ;)

Jordan said...

Yes, it is, Beata! At YOUR house! You pregnant?!

Gordo said...

Thanks, honey. Every year gets better and better. My anniversary thoughts for you are here.

And thanks for bringing me along on the Wonderwheel.

I love you.