Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Report

Matt and I had a fantastic weekend downtown. I am working on a detailed account of all that we did for the Chicago Moms Blog, but for now I'll just say that it was jam-packed full of fun. It's amazing what two adults can find time for when there are no children in tow! (And by that I meant cultural events, folks - this is a family show...)

Fun was the name of the game - we had a lot of laughs and really had a great time together. Just as an example, we spent an entire taxi ride between our hotel and the theater last night taking ridiculous pictures of each other and ourselves with our camera phones. This won't surprise those who know us but may frighten the rest of you!

It's so important for us to get away as a couple and feel that freedom again to do whatever we want and just relax. We hadn't done it in about 4 years, which is truly a shame. We won't let that happen again, believe me!! Happily, Matt's parents had a great time with the boys and are going to take them again in just a few weeks for our anniversary weekend. We're already looking forward to it!

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