Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Baxter woke up and found his way to my air mattress on the living room floor (we've got friends staying with us). He snuggled in with me, as he does every morning, and proceeded to be even cuter than usual.

"I dreamt all night about my iPhone," I admitted sheepishly to Matt and Baxter.

"I had a dream, too!" Baxter said, "I dreamed that I was in the cafeteria at school and" - here his eyes widened with excitement - "they served us peanut butter and honey sandwiches!!"

We cracked up. This is his favorite lunch.

"And..." he continued with his characteristic enthusiasm, "there was a package of Oreos! Ten little Oreo cookies!"

He looked at me and added conspiratorially, "I only ate half. I saved the other half for after dinner." (cue Mother's heart melting)

But it gets better.

"I shared them with Lyle after dinner. But 5 is an odd number, so I gave him 2." He looked at me nervously to see if that was alright. It was better than alright; it was hard not to cry tears of happiness over his generosity right then and there.

A while later, Lyle woke up. I said, "Lyle, you won't believe it! Baxter had a dream that he had some chocolate cookies...and he shared two of them with you!"

Lyle, in a hilarious mood because he'd slept so late, threw back his head and guffawed in delight and disbelief. "But, Mommy..." he exclaimed, "Baxter should only give me one cookie!"

(Yes, this is a true story. Every word.)

"Why is that, Lyle?"

"Because I'm still yittle! One cookie is plenty!"

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Christopher Tassava said...

That's a great story. L's reaction is hilarious and, it seems to me, perfectly suggestive of his personality. Those boys sound like such wonderful kids. If (heaven forbid) they ever start dating, I think I might have a couple girls they should meet.