Sunday, July 1, 2007

Craftmobile Gets My Vote

Hats off to the Chicago Park District. I mean, really. I know they don't get everything right - they are, after all, a large urban organization. I heard yesterday about a public pool that was closed prematurely due to inadequate staffing, much to the chagrin of the parents present. But when my friend and I showed up at Senn Playlot Park in Edgewater this morning, there were a couple of long tables set up with necklace-making and paper bag puppet projects, staffed by relatively cheery women. Our two-year olds sat there studiously gluing pom-pons on brown lunch bags and trying desperately to grasp a bead just right to pull that string through. This, after playing on the fabulous new structures, jumping on the sproingy surface, pretending to put out fires on the big fire truck, and romping in the water sprinkler!

Many thanks to the Park District's Craftmobile, which will visit Senn Park (among others) once a week for 6 weeks this summer.

(Originally posted at the Chicago Moms Blog.)


kristen said...

Jordan, you are making me want to move to Chicago. I have to say, it's always been one of my favorite places to visit, but reading your posts about the neighborhood and the lake and now the craftmobile...I'm kind of jealous.

Oh, and I want an iPhone too, but my theory is that they will only get better. Give it a year.

Jordan said...

Kristen, I'll admit something:

I am completely in love with Chicago - if I wrote with the amazement I feel about *all* that is wonderful here, my readers would all barf and then vow to never come back! But some things are just so out there compared to anything I've ever seen (like the Craftmobile) that I have to share them!