Friday, June 29, 2007


Help me through my misery, folks.

Matt and I joked all week about the iPhone, mainly due to his TOTAL OBSESSION with it. It was a constant topic of conversation and every time I walked into the home office I found him IM'ing with friends around the country about it.

Mid-week it occurred to me that I really need to invest in something for my business because I really didn't do so last quarter and had to shell out a lot for taxes, which was painful. I'd been considering a new color copier/printer and some expensive software I could use. Not that I really needed these things right this minute, but they'd be helpful and would offset some income.

Well, hmmm. Doesn't the iPhone fall under that category, too?

So I started to listen to his blather about it.

I had no idea!

This evening I watched the video and read the reviews on this amazing little device, and fell head over heels. There was no doubt I wanted one. If you are rolling your eyes right now, you really ought to see this phone/iPod/browser/organizer/camera (here's the video) because even if it's not your thing, you need to see what it's like. As Matt said, the future is here.

I was eventually ready to purchase one for my business this weekend, and was trying not to lose my shit over it as I tried to lie quietly while the boys went to sleep. (Did I mention that when I make up my mind, there's no waiting allowed?)

When I came upstairs, I called my current carrier, T-Mobile, which of course doesn't carry service for the iPhone (only AT&T does, which is unfortunate for so many reasons). Turns out I didn't switch plans when we moved here - I sort of hoped I'd started a new plan last July when we moved here. No dice. My plan doesn't end until June 10, 2008. The already pricey iPhone just became $200 more expensive for me.

(If anyone out there owes me $200, this would really be the perfect time to ante up.)

Matt is convinced we can think of a way to either unload (for profit) my cell phone plan or think of a legitimate reason my business needs it as a cheaper 2nd line. Personally, I doubt it, but if you have any ideas, feel free to pass them along.

But if my cell phone fell into the lake tomorrow, that would really be a shame.

Wouldn't it?


Christopher Tassava said...

I head there's no problem getting a phone at any Apple Store... (Not to indicate my sentiments at all...)

Jordan said...

Yeah, except we tried. Just now. And they were out.