Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mawy Pappas

We are watching a portion of Mary Poppins (or "Mawy Pappas", as Lyle calls her) each evening and let me tell you: more old fashioned, wholesome, hilarious, musical family fun cannot be found anywhere. Even Matt, who somehow made it through childhood without this movie and was a doubting Thomas when I first put it on last night (granted, the beginning is wretchedly dumb and boring), is loving it.

The four of us could watch the "Spoonful of Sugar" scene over and over without tiring of it.

You'd have to see the expressions on my kids' faces to believe them.

It. totally. rules.

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Lori at SpinningYellow said...

Came across your blog from somewhere linking. I had to comment here b/c my daughter, Jane, age 3, is so obsessed with Mary Poppins right now! I am surprised with all the other more modern stuff that she can watch this over and over. We also have become quite fond of a Spoonful of Sugar. Even had to pull out the camcorder to get her in action singing away!