Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Classics

I am all about kids' classic movies this summer. I suppose it's because I feel that Baxter is finally ready to handle them. Plus, sometimes he's around now when Lyle's napping and - although he is supposed to do homework every day all summer (but that's another post entirely) - we can watch something fun together as a summer treat.

So far, we've seen Finding Nemo (one of my favorite movies) and A Bug's Life - okay, these aren't old enough to be classics, I know, but they are feature films! - and this week I introduced him to Peter Pan. He was really nervous about seeing it, claiming it would be too scary, but after a Backyardigans break to consider it, decided he was willing to try. (Only at my house...) He adored it, and the sharp, genuine intake of breath when Wendy, John, and Michael flew for the first time was incredible, and brought me right back to my childhood. Lyle saw part of it too, and, being a less fearful dude, loved it. I've heard a few people refer to Mary Poppins in the past couple weeks, so I picked that one up today. I'm really looking forward to seeing it, myself!

Previously, he's seen Charlotte's Web (old cartoon version), Lassie (new version in theater), parts of The Wizard of Oz, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He's seen Snow White and The Lion King from the Disney aisle.

What do you suggest? What were your favorites that you're looking forward to sharing with your children? I'm looking for more good ideas!


kristen said...

Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, Pinnochio (but that's a bit scary...)

We haven't done too well with actual movies. GP isn't very interested in anything that isn't tied to trains or cars, however, now that you reminded me, I'd like to try Mary Poppins too.

We recently rented Over the Hedge and while it's no classic, it was pretty funny.

Obi Namesake said...


Not today, not tomorrow, but maybe tomorrow.

Becky said...

Can't remember the age range for this one, but I loved the Secret of NIMH.

Second Hand Cuzzo said...

Oh, and 'The Cat From Outer Space.' Friggin classic film, and no pesky light sabers that get in the way.

Jordan said...

Just as a follow-up, the start of our Mary Poppins showing was a big hit tonight! Who wouldn't love the nursery clean-up while singing "Spoonful of Sugar"? Talk about fun for the whole family.

And by the way, I guess he's not quite old enough yet (?) but I was remembering the original Parent Trap movie today, too. Ooh, having a big kid is so much fun!

(Thanks, Obi, for the Cat from Outer Space suggestion - I know your sis actually owns that one! I saw it in the drive-in at the Cape one summer: how awesome is that?! And I think we should wait for a visit from you for the 1st Star Wars viewing, don't you?)