Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Superbowl: How to Ruin a Child's Perfectly Good Life

Did you hear it? All the way at your house?

The wailing. The howling. The sobbing.

Oh, the dramatic near-hyperventilation of a totally wrung-out, exhausted and extremely disappointed 7-year old at the end of the Superbowl.

Not only did his Packers lose, but now the Patriots have let him down as well.

What could be worse?

Not even the glorious big snowflakes that started to fall outside our window during the game, blanketing the whole world with another beautiful layer of snow, could distract him.

But, wow, what a change in his interest level and understanding of the game since last year; remember this post? It's one of my favorites. No, this year he was riveted to the entire game and was extremely psyched to be watching Real Commercials, even cheering for each one in the first quarter.

(And if you are one of those people who has truly been hanging out with me here in Blogland for the past year, thank you. There's surely a special place in heaven for you.)


tulipmom said...

I may have just snorted after reading your post from last year. Hilarious! Especially the part about having to go online to see what channel the Superbowl was on ... that is SO me!

D. and I were just marveling at how much more interested SB was in the Superbowl this year. We let him stay up until half-time and he was completely glued to the tv, asking relevant questions, and laughing at the commercials.

Hope your little guy is OK by tomorrow :)

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

I couldn't hear the wailing over the CELEBRATING here!! Philly never wins, but at least my sports obsessed son can live vicariously through his NY teams (Daddy and PopPop's teams). The Giants won! Not just the Yankees!! Happiness here!

And for us the intensity and interest has eased up a bit to a more normal level. We have had many times when Scott has had a meltdown and week long recovery over a sporting event.

kristen said...

How could we possibly hear the wailing when there's so much cheering going on??? Sorry, but...Go Giants.

And, interestingly enough, GP actually woke up this morning asking who won and expressed great interest in the game--a game I'm not sure he even knew existed last year. The best comment: "this is nothing like soccer, is it, mom?"

Um, that would be a "no."

Niksmom said...

Sorry for the diointment in your household. OUrs is fairly indifferent other than the whole proximity thing from DE to NY. Now, if we were talking Philly...that would be another story!

Emily, as some know me said...

OK, so I remembered last night at about 7 pm that it was Superbowl Sunday. Yes, that's how tuned in I am. Marshall turned it on just so our children would have *some* exposure and could sound semi-knowledgeable should someone bring it up at school today. I think Marshall's compensating for the fact that when the other dads start yammering about sports, he has not one word to say. And TH and Will couldn't have cared less.