Saturday, February 9, 2008

Speaking of Love...

This week, Lyle wasn't the only one to receive a heart! Mine was in the form of this spiffy award - The Spreader of Love Award - which we are told by Tulip Mom is for bloggers "whose daily/weekly posts spread love, laughs, and insight to all of us". For those of you who don't know her, Tulip Mom is a lovely and talented blogger I have recently discovered, and I am enjoying getting to know her very much - and so should you! So, thank you, Tulip Mom, for sending me a heart of my very own; I am flattered and will display it proudly!

And now, what better way to kick off Valentine's Day week than to pass this award along to a few others? This was challenging because most of the blogs I love best are of the "love spreading" variety and you all deserve this, but here's my short list for today:

1. kristen, talented novelist, incredible mother, and friend extraordinaire at from here to there and back

2. kyra of the beautiful writing, brilliant son, and cute pigtails at This Mom

3. drama mama whose faaaabulousness knows no bounds

4. vicki forman who blogs about her writing, talented children and professorial life through her special needs mama columns and speak softly.

5. niksmom who shares all the joys of parenting the Nik the Wonder Boy at maternal instincts

6. jessica, who can go from a dazzling piece on civil rights to a scattalogical post that makes you want to burp out loud at work, all in the course of a single day, at Oh, the Joys

Thank you for spreading love, laughs, and insight - to all of us!


kristen said...

Gee, thanks! You are but too kind. I am thrilled to be in such fine bloggy company. I love all the bloggers you mention here, you and Tulipmom included!!

Niksmom said...

Oh, Jordan, your timing couldn't be more perfect! I've been feeling all "Poor Pitiful Pearl" today and this made my day!

Such august company! I say we just have one big love-fest and go live in a commune somewhere! Oh, wait, someone already did that a generation ago, huh? Oh well... xoxo

Anonymous said...

wow. how sweet are you? i'm delighted to receive such a big beautiful juicy heart! and in such amazing company! you rock, my dear.

Drama Mama said...

C'mon! Home from a weekend with the in-laws and I'm treated to this?

You are too much.

Thank you, dahling - the other gals are simply smashing, and I humbly bow down to all of them, celebrating our collective fabulousness...


Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Congrats on your award and what fabulous choices from you! All my favorites as well.

Barbara Doduk said...

Hey this is B from The Love Blog - just attempting to follow my award around the web and landed here. You have a great blog here and truly are Love.