Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shopping for a New Do

Were I to win the lottery (which would entail me actually playing the lottery, so this is a stretch, but bear with me here) and then told that the only condition for getting the money was that I had to commit to one single brand for all my clothing and accessory needs, I would have no problem deciding.

"Hand over the big bucks," I would exclaim, "and take me to the nearest Garnet Hill catalog!"

I could drool over Garnet Hill all day. The clothes, the shoes, the accessories. Aahhhh, the accessories. Trouble is, Garnet Hill is pricey. (Of course it is. Why would I be in love with an affordable line of clothing?) And so I own but a couple of random and beloved items - a flannel night shirt here, a spring trench coat there - from this company.

But am I the only one out there who also shops for hair styles in her favorite clothing catalogs? You see, next week - and I know we haven't discussed this yet - I am going to go to San Francisco for four days on a work trip. I have a few hours here and there in the first couple of days when I don't have things scheduled - and am about 4 weeks late on getting my hair cut - and so I contacted my fabulous hair stylist - the one who cut my hair for almost all of the 9 years I lived in the Bay Area - and made an appointment.


Thing is, since I get to go there so rarely now I can't see just getting a trim. I mean, that's not making the most of his talents at all, is it? And so, although I'm enjoying having long hair most of the time, it's starting to drag me down a bit and certainly doesn't feel very spring-y. (And with temps in the 60s, it will even feel the littlest bit spring-y in California...) Must be time for a new do, right? Thus, the Garnet Hill catalog. Today I shopped for a new do. And I found this model whose hair seems fairly similar to mine, all over the catalog, adorable hair done in all kinds of different lovely ways that would work for me. (It does occur to me all of a sudden that I could've shopped for a new do on my own blog - this hair cut looks an awful lot like that happy chick up there on the wonderwheel, does it not?)

So what do you think? Should I go for it? Or just keep it long since it now fits into a ponytail? (And we've all seen how attractive that is by the end of the day!)

Now if only I could afford her clothes, too.


Libby said...

I would absolutely go for it! Particularly because you'll be in the hands of your talented and trusted former stylist. I chopped my hair recently and I could not be happier for it. Moreover, I think the cut from the catalog is adorable. :)

Drama Mama said...

Cute. Tempting.

On you, it would like adorable, like a modern-day Marlo Thomas.

Feeling flippy for spring, right?

On me, the longer the layers, the less round my face is. You look like (at least in the photo taken on your laptop, wink wink) you might have a heart-shaped little face.

Do it.

Got a salon in mind? You could do an Architects and Heroes/Sassoon type place out here and get some great layers.

Jesus. I could talk about this stuff all day.

And I SO hear you on the Garnet Hill. It's Girl Porn.

Jordan said...

This is exactly my inner conflict. When my face is rounder than it ought to be - as is the case right now - I tend to go for longer hair to elongate it, as you said, Drama Mama. But I'm also longing for something more fun! The good thing is that this stylist is totally honest and trustworthy. Years ago I went in asking for a shorter cut and he convinced me that it looked pretty long and that it was in style at the time to have longer hair and he simply layered it in a more fun way. I'll trust him to tell me if this will work for me or not...but I hope he'll do something fun because this mama needs a change!

kristen said...

Here's the plan: longer in front, shorter in back. I have a round face and this cut works. Trust me. It's like a bob that angles down to a point. Very architectural, very chic. Very easy to handle.

Definitely get it cut.

Cara said...

Oo! Oo! Hair cuts! I love the one in the picture, and I say go for it! Spring is almost here (I hope I hope). I need to get mine cut as well and am having the same dilemma - short or leave it longer with layers? But I have always loved shorter hair and am usually in the longer in front shorter in back camp myself. :-) Whatever you do, HAVE FUN in SF and with your favorite stylist.

Niksmom said...

If you know and trust this guy here's what I would do...go in and tell him how you want to FEEL and how much time you do or don't want to have to spend on your hair each day. I have a round (okay, chubby) face and have actually gone SHORT. I have layers w/volume on top and slightly longer in the back with a little flip action at the ends. Takes me 10 minutes from shower to styled! GO FOR IT!

Julie said...

I love the flip! Plus it's cute without the flip on the days when you don't have flipping time in the morning. Francisco will know what to do! Have fun!

tulipmom said...

Definitely take advantage of his talents and see if he can reproduce this look. It seems like it would be so cute on you!

Jordan said...

You guys are awesome. Just awesome. Thank you!

Christopher Tassava said...

Two words: mull et.

Anonymous said...

a new do!!! DO it! yay! i shop for hair styles, too, drooling over the garnet hill catalogue. though, those styles really don't work on me in real life. ah well.

have fun! post pics!

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Do it!! A new do is the best feeling! And short is fun, I always feel weighed down as mine grows out.

I love the Garnett Hill catalog (that's where I get my jammies from!). I want everything in it. That and Athleta. I want to live in yoga pants. I guess it would help to look like those people, but one can dream, right?