Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have a Heart

A couple years ago, my good friend Sahara sat a couple of us down to dinner at Savor in Noe Valley and told us a story. More than a story: she shared an inspiration, an aha! moment, that came to her one day when she drove by a man who was obviously suffering, and wanted to reach out to him in some way. I can't do it justice, but thankfully you can read it in her own words here. Like everyone else who crosses paths with Sahara, we were drawn in by her magically positive energy and enthusiasm.

This inspiration led Sahara to work (with typically Sahara-like dogged determination) for a couple of years to create Heart is Hot, a fantastic new web site where we can all purchase these beautiful glass hearts you see on the left there, to give to anyone who impacts our lives in some way. The recipient of each heart can then go to the web site (inscribed on each heart along with an individual number) and tell the story of where the heart is and how it came to be in his or her possession. The idea is that over time it will be possible to trace the paths of all of these hearts all over the globe ("following your heart"), illustrating the idea that we are all connected through love. You can already visit Sahara's site and see the progress of the hearts that are out there in the world - it's very cool! With Valentine's Day approaching, I felt it was the perfect time to share this with you.

I have one of these hearts in my possession, thanks to Sahara. I know that I will pass it on at some point, maybe soon, but am waiting for the moment of inspiration.

And the day when I am willing to see it go.


tulipmom said...

Sahara sounds like an amazing woman. I really enjoyed checking out her website ... what a cool idea. Thanks for sharing this with us and just in time for Valentine's Day!

Drama Mama said...

I LOVE Savor in Noe Valley. For both of my pregnancies, once I went into labor, I ate a Baja Scramble to quicken the contractions.

Good times.

I am RUNNING over to Sahara's site. I love this! Brilliant!

Jordan said...

Sadly, I once barfed after eating at Savor while pregnant, drama mama! I can't blame it on Savor, but I was there with Sahara and another friend - on another occasion - and, well, it didn't go down so well. But I have always loved the place! Mmmm...crepes!

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Cool idea! Thanks for sharing.

kyra said...

what a beautiful idea! i LOVE it!