Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dreams of Summer

Sometimes these days I stand by the sliding glass door to my little deck and dream of how it looked last spring and summer. I remember what it's like with all the windows and doors open, with people flip-flopping down to the beach to play in the lake, and the sounds of the gulls flying overhead. With our "murphy table" pulled down and piled high with fresh produce from the Farmer's Market. Dinner out there with friends by candlelight on a hot summer's night.

Which really helps because this is what it looks like right now.
Can you see how hard it's snowing here?

But summer will come again.
I just know it.


Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

As much as I complain about summer, I always miss being outside on the deck in the warm evening air. Eating outside is such a pleasure!

But we haven't had a snow storm here, yet, so I am still dreaming of a thick snow for the kids and the dog to romp around in and for them to come in for hot chocolate and cookies. To sit by the fire and read and drink wine b/c you can't go anywhere.

Drama Mama said...

Nice deck.

You know SF weather, right? This winter is particularly cold and wet. I'm talking buckets.

I hear you, sister. A mojito alfresco. Sigh.

I like Lori's idea, though. Fire and hot chocolate? Sounds dreamy.

Right now it' me and an electric blanket. Her idea is much more civilized.

kristen said...

I get this. And I hear you. You guys have it pretty cold and windy in that there windy city. But, I'm with Lori. I refuse to let go of winter until I've made at least one snowman and taken my son sledding. Today, torrential rain here in NY. Where's the snow???