Friday, November 2, 2007

When CARS Imitate Life

This morning, as I got myself ready for work, Matt observed Lyle playing with his cars on the kitchen floor.

He made Lightning McQueen visit each of his friends and say, "Good-bye! Good-bye! I'm going to work!"

Curious, Matt asked Lyle what exactly Lightning McQueen does at work.

Lyle, recently armed with the most basic summary of what I do for a living, thought about it for a bit and finally said, "He's going to try to teach Tow Mater to talk."

Good luck, there, Lightnin'. Good luck.

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Christopher Tassava said...

Awesome! I haven't even seen that movie, and I know it's awesome. Won't you be surprised when you come home one day and Tow Mater is putting the moves on a garlic bulb? He'll be a player, that Tow Mater. Loves the hookup.

Ahem. My parallel anecdote was one day when Julia was having Julia Bear go off to work, and told her to have a good day writing grands. I rather like that - "I'm a grandwriter."