Thursday, November 15, 2007


6:30 am, Baxter's birthday, my bedside

Lyle: Mommy, afore we go open Baxter's presents [note the use of "we"], I need you to come downstairs to find Chick Hicks with me!

Me: Okay, Lyle. I just need to use the bathroom first, and then I'll go downstairs with you.

Lyle [whining]: Nooooo! Go downstairs first!!

Me: Lyle! If I don't use the bathroom first, I'll have an accident! [Trying to model not waiting so damn long to go to the bathroom...]

Lyle [thinks about this and then says impatiently]: Just put on a pull-up, Mommy. Let's go!


If you've been reading this blog for more than, oh, let's say a week, you'll know that Lyle is all about the movie CARS. And I do mean, all about it.

When Matt asked him what he wanted for breakfast the other day, Lyle replied with a surly, "I eat losers for breakfast."

Later that evening, Lyle wiped out while running down our long upstairs hallway. He jumped back up and started running again, declaring, "I'm back in the race!"

Too good to be true.


kristen said...

Phew! I needed a little chuckle this afternoon...

Thanks, Lyle!

slouching mom said...

A pull-up! ROFL!

Jordan said...

As if it weren't these kids' fault to begin with that I can't do a damn thing until I've used the bathroom in the morning! And now the Pull-Up suggestion - damn, adding insult to injury there.

I'm guessing Lyle's not going to be the one I want to choose my nursing home.

Susan said...

Absolutely priceless. Now I know I'm going to be remembering this and giggling at inappropriate moments throughout the day.

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

A pull-up? Funny! Also, love when the movie reference gets put in. The other day I said I had to follow a recipe and Jane asked, "A recipe for disaster?" referring to a Backyardigan's episode. Guess I need to do a little more cooking with her and less tv watching.