Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

The day began, predictably, with a lot of excitement. Baxter, upon opening a pumpkin-shaped Halloween card from my parents at the breakfast table, let out a gasp you'd think would be reserved for Christmas morning. "It's today?" asked Lyle, eyes wide, hugging the card to his chest. "For real life??" Also predictably, the day ended with two tired little boys melting down out of sheer exhaustion, and finally dropping into bed in complete and utter silence.

In between, we had a really great day. A couple weeks ago I had the foresight to cancel my last two clients of the day, which allowed me to volunteer in Baxter's class for one of the first times ever and then be at home for the afternoon. I had a great time finally getting to match more faces to the names and helping them make pop-out cards. I was also able to make connections with more parents. It was a blast. Here's Baxter hard at work at my center:

This afternoon, after some quiet time, the kids got dressed into their blessedly simple and sweet Halloween costumes and we headed out to the house of some good friends who live in the beautiful Edgewater Glen neighborhood filled with old, single family houses on leafy tree-lined streets. Almost every household for blocks was handing out candy, neighbors sitting on their front porches. It was an absolutely idyllic Halloween night. Our friends always invite lots of families to trick-or-treat together and then go back to the house for a party. Here are some of my favorite shots (I'm posting them small because there are so many - you can click on them to see them full size, if you'd like):

Back at home, Baxter practiced the art of candy sorting and counting, learned from his friend Claire tonight. Lyle worked hard to count his, as well. The adorableness was not to be believed.

Until the meltdowns, that is.

Happy Halloween!


Niksmom said...

Pardon the pun...SWEET! This kind of makes up for our not doing H/W this year. We didn't have ANY trick or treaters sad!

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Cute! The meltdown is to be expected. Scott hung in there but Jane peed in her outfit at 7:30 pm so that was our signal to wrap it up!

Shan said...

Super cute! Lyle's comment made me laugh because Julia had a similar incredulous reaction to it finally being Halloween. She said, "ToDAY?? Today is ACTUAL Halloween?" When I said yes, it was, she said, "Are you SURE?" with a definite tone of skepticism in her voice. :)