Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Santa's Elves are Watching

Am I the very last parent in America to use Santa's elves as incentive for good behavior? It's freakin' amazing what the boys'll do for a good report from those little guys.

It's not even Halloween, for god's sake, and I'm pulling it out already. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Baxter keeps stealing those toy catalogs from the mailbox while I'm at work and is making the world's longest Christmas list. In October. Thanks, Fisher-Price.

It might not be listed in the "Right Things To Do" category in the current edition of Trends in Parenting*, but it works wonders.

Because you just never know when they might be peeking in the windows.

I'm just saying.

* Don't go running off to Google that journal. I made it up.


kristen said...

I'm all over it. Tell Baxter I saw a couple of elves peeking in my neighbor's window last night. I'm pretty sure they started their regular patrols early this year!

Niksmom said...

ROFL. If I thought this would mean anything to Nik (yet), I'd be all over it, too!

Jordan said...

This is why I really blog. You guys are making me feel a lot better!

Shan said...

Does it work for convincing babies to sleep past five in the morning? Please God?

Jordan said...

Kristen, I *did* tell them today that a friend of mine in New York saw a couple elves peering into the neighbor's windows - this information was met with a long reverential silence from the backseat. That's how you know they are really impressed.

kristen said...

Amazing how gullible they are, isn't it? All the way around and then some. So, we get a solid two months out of this little motivator, now if we could only figure out the other 10 months. Sigh.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Mr. C was an elementary school teacher for nine years. I called him in the classroom one afternoon to see if we were on for a movie.

He proceeded to terrify them by telling me: "Oh, Santa! Good. I was just going to call you about how bad these children are today."

Kindergartners will buy anything you tell them, apparently.