Monday, October 29, 2007

Kitchen Counter: Found!

Hey, look, everyone! I found the kitchen counter!

Turns out it was green all along. Who knew?

Just goes to show you what can be accomplished by staying up really late.

Maybe now I will stop YAMMERING ON about it on this blog.

(But don't count on it.)


kristen said...

Wow~ You even decorated the kitchen counter! I'm impressed.

Jordan said...

Oh, you are too kind, Kristen. The sad truth is, that "pumpkin tree" was there for two weeks already - we just couldn't see it so well for all the CRAP around it. I only wish I had a "before" picture for you all. I'm sure within about 4 days it'll be back to that state, though.

Cynthia said...

I found our counter this weekend also; for a whole 3 minutes! :) Wonderful job done and love the flowers!!

Mrs. Chicken said...

HA! Our house is like that, too. I swear I clean it all day long.

And if we get up your way anytime soon, you can bet we'll give you a call. :)