Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's All About the Samples

My kids will eat anything.

If it's from the Trader Joe's sample counter, that is.

These boys, who a year ago in California would not let any meat pass their lips - nor would they even look at condiments or anything spicy - happily took samples of kielbasa and mustard yesterday! And ate them!

Kielbasa! And mustard!

I think they are assimilating to America's heartland nicely.

At dinner, I wanted Lyle to try some turkey meatballs I'd bought at the store and he flatly refused. Finally, I put a piece in a small clear medicine cup that looked remarkably like the kielbasa sample cup, and stuck a blue toothpick in it - lo and behold, he tried it.


kristen said...

Ah, you little trickster! I love the medicine, er, sample, cup. What a brilliant idea!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Genius! And I so badly want a Trader Joe's here. People rave, RAVE about it.

Frooly said...

Between this and the "candy beans," I'm beginning to think you're a dinner-table genius.