Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Edwards Campaign Takes Notice

As some of you may know, Elizabeth Edwards (yes, wife of Presidential hopeful John Edwards) met last weekend with the contributors of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog in San Jose. This was not our first contact with Ms. Edwards; she met last year with writes for the SVMB and was also the keynote speaker at the BlogHer conference that I never quite made it to.

This time, in addition to those present for the meeting in Silicon Valley, about a dozen moms from the Chicago Moms Blog and the DC Metro Moms Blog joined in the conversation by phone. Unfortunately, I wasn't available to join in, but it sounds like a great session and Ms. Edwards has once again impressed the world of Mom Bloggers with her compassion, strength, and intelligence. The live-blogged post is here on Chicago Moms Blog and it was also written up here on the John Edwards Campaign's blog.

We've been told that Ms. Edwards would like to meet with those of us in Chicago and DC as well when they're on those legs of the campaign trail. I for one would welcome this! The sister blog sites have all been diligently contacting the other contenders (both Democratic and Republican) as well, in hopes of more opportunities to ask the difficult questions that matter to us.

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