Saturday, September 1, 2007

What I'm Wearing

I've gotten all brave and decided to join The Working Closet Flickr pool, in which everyday women are posting photos of what they're wearing for the month of September. I was hooked when I read this from Susan Wagner who is running this gig: "Seeing what other working moms are doing with that black skirt from five years ago and the ubiquitous jean jacket can actually be far more useful." (She was comparing its usefulness to reading fashion magazines. Not that I have ever done that even once, no, not even in the hair salon - but still.)

I won't be doing it every day by any means (and not only because then you'd all see that I only wear about 4 outfits total), but it's making me think more about what I put on in the morning, and it's really helpful to read Susan Wagner's (and others') comments and suggestions. Plus, I'll have a whole lot of "before" photos to show what I looked like before I got back into shape! (Always a silver lining. Always.)

Here's Susan's explanation, and here is the link if you are interested. Join me!!

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Shan said...

Congrats on being brave! :) I'm still laughing about the fact that the ONLY reason I put any photos of myself up there was at Susan's request, for our little blog post project, so she could access them to write about me over at Friday Style. But that naturally no one else knew that, and I started getting comments on my clothes, ome of which aren't even things I'm wearing now but will be in, say, December. I had ZERO intention of actually joining the pool for its original intended purpose. Like you say, no one needs to see the same black tank top and same denim skirt every other day for an entire month. :)