Monday, September 10, 2007

Tree-Hugging Soccer Dude

So does this automatically make me a Soccer Mom?

Or do I have to drive an SUV and actually go to the games and holler from a lawn chair to meet that criteria?

(I think he liked it, don't you?)


Cynthia said...

If you have to drive the SUV, go to the games and holler from a lawn chair; then I've got this soccer mom thing all wrong! For me its, drop kid #1 at game A, kid #2 at game B, kid #3 goes across town to activity C and rush back to start the pick up process!!

Been lurking and love your blog!

Christopher Tassava said...

I dunno. As much as the kid seems to like the game, I can't imagine any combination of possessions, behaviors, and attitudes could turn you into a soccer mom. A mom of a soccer kid, maybe, at best. But maybe buying one of those oversize coolers with the handle in front and the wheels in back would swing you over the line.

kristen said...

Okay, to clarify. To be a soccer mom, you do, indeed, have to drive an SUV and go to the games and holler. The lawn chair is optional.

Jordan said...

Oh, jeez, now I'm all mixed up.

All I know is that I have no SUV, didn't make it to the game due to Lyle's nap, and we don't own any lawn chairs (yet). I appreciate Christopher's perspective, probably valid since he's known me for 14 years (!!), that most likely none of these things would do the trick, anyway.

And welcome, Cynthia! So glad you've de-lurked!

And as for the rest of you lurkers out there (ahem!)- speak up! Join the conversation! Of course, I'm happy that you're all here, whether you comment or not. ;-)