Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lyle's First Day

Lyle refused any traditional first day of school pictures this morning, so I had to sneak one from behind as he trooped into school. He was very excited to be going to his own school "Because I am such a big boy now!" and although he was shy with the teachers, he tried all sorts of activities and can't wait to go back on Thursday. Thankfully, the staff reminded us a few times not to send the kids in nice clothes because they'll get really messy; in fact, Lyle came home wet from the water table and covered with paint - two signs of a great time. For these first couple of weeks, we just go for short visits and I'll be with him for the first three of these. It's perfect for him. (Of course I'll be celebrating my first day of freedom when it comes - perhaps not in the exact manner as this man, but it will be the same in spirit.)

When we got home and all nervousness had passed, Lyle actually asked me to take a series of photos of him making faces with his CARS toys. This one's my favorite.

That's my boy!


Beata said...

this uTube video is so funny..

Niksmom said...

Hi Jordan! Thanks for your offer on the book. I'll let you know if I decide I can't part with it. :-)

BTW, don't know why I haven't been by before...but I'll definitely be back! Your Lyle is a cutie!

mcewen said...

Newbie - ah camera shy and then cured! Lucky you.
Best wishes