Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Day in the Life (Fall Edition)

There are certain days that make me wonder how I stay sane, and certain posts that I write primarily to help myself remember those days down the line when I look back on these years and think to myself, "Now, come on, what was so hard about that?" as I often do now about the newborn months. I mean, I know they were difficult, I just can't remember the details. Which is why I did it twice. But have no fear, I will not be tricked into it again. Oh, no, I will not.

This was one of those days and this is one of those posts.

So here's the day I just had:

6 am - Wake up realizing I've overslept because I apparently couldn't tear myself away from a seemingly hours-long stress-filled dream in which I was to compose a 20-page (minimum) research paper on the Spider Monkey (turns out they're real!) in a single day. I had apparently forgotten all about it, and suddenly it was due and was a Critical Assignment. I was to go to the library, research said Spider Monkey, and write the paper, while taking care of Lyle all day. There was also some other project due that same day which I hadn't started, but my memory of that part is hazier. And, to top it all off, I was switching back and forth between being myself and being Baxter. I woke up thinking it wasn't such a good idea after all to start a PhD program in a couple of years. Either way, if you're ever looking for a way to wake up feeling not-so-rested, I strongly recommend this dream.

6:15-8 am - At the gym, literally working my ass off. It's a big job, but somebody's got to do it.

8:15 am - Take Baxter out front to wait for the carpool. Rush back in and fight Matt for the shower.

8:40 am - Drive Lyle to his first nursery school visit, which was successful and adorable. Play at the playground across the street afterwards, and get to know some of the other parents over there. Meet a mom whose 4-year old daughter "was killed" last year and nearly expire with the effort of fighting back the tears because it's clear that if I lose it so will she, and I don't even remember her name so I'm not ready to cry with her. (Perhaps next week.)

11:00 am - Lunch, endless session of CARS pretend play ("Hi, Yightnin' MaKeen, what are you doin'?" "Oh, I'm just drivin' awound, what are you doin', Tow Mater?" "I was just towin' Sally. Do YOU need a tow?" "Oh! Yes I do! Thank you!" "You're welcome, Yightnin' MaKeen from da movie CARS!").

12:45 pm - Nap (for both of us, turns out).

1:15 pm - Wake with a start, remembering that I have a weekly scheduled phone call regarding church council business in 15 minutes and haven't done everything I was supposed to do before this call. Do that stuff.

2:10 pm - Wrap up call, wake Lyle, and drive down to school to get Baxter and his friend J, with whom we carpool. Drive, drive, drive, and then drive some more.

3:30 pm - Drop off J at home (right around the corner from our house), then leave the neighborhood (aaaaahhhh! noooooo!) to drive yet again, this time to get the kids a haircut. (They look extremely handsome.)

5 pm - Arrive home from haircuts, throw dinner in the oven, oversee homework, and eat a speedy dinner.

5:40 pm - Get back in the car with the boys and drive more, this time to soccer practice. Lyle has to come along because Matt happens to have a mandatory meeting at Lyle's nursery school. Thankfully, he can bike there.

7:15 pm - Head home, give the kids showers, do bedtime routine and pack 'em off to bed around 8 pm. Crack open the wine bottle and contemplate the day.

Somewhere around 11pm I'll fall back into bed and pray that I won't be dreaming of the Spider Monkey assignment again.

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