Thursday, August 9, 2007

Help! It's Loud!

Oh. My. God.

The nice new owners of the condo upstairs are having work done on their unit this week. This morning: floor sanding.

The noise is deafening. Despite having a fever, Matt left the house to work downtown this morning. Baxter is at the Arboretum with his cousins. But Lyle is sick so we are staying home. I tried to put in a DVD to watch together and we can barely hear it - and it's cranked way up!

I'm supposed to have my accountant here to work this afternoon; I just suggested she bring ear plugs. Nice working conditions!

Of course, we did this in our unit too, before we moved in; I don't blame these people at all...we just weren't on the premises for it.

Someone out there, please tell me this won't take all day!


Christopher Tassava said...

It won't take all day. (But it might take more than one!) Sorry for the bother. Sanding is outrageously annoying work to do and to hear.

Becky said...

There's a huge empty condo across the alley...

Let me know if you need it!

Nadine said...

How annoying! I hope it's nice and quiet now.