Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little One!

"Well, we never really knew

How much we needed you

Till you came into our lives..."

"'Cause now we're doing cartwheels and somersaults

And it's all your fault

Yeah, it's all your fault.

It's you we love (mama, can I hold [him])

It's you we love (let's put [him] on your shoulder)

It's you we love."

(The photos and the boys are mine, but the lyrics belong solely to Justin's a sound clip!)


Shan said...

Happy birthday, Lyle!

kristen said...

Happy birthday! And what a beautiful post. Have a great day, Jordan's family....

Cassie said...

Happy birthday - do Niko and Lyle have the same b-day? 8/27? Whoa!