Saturday, July 21, 2007

We're Outta Here!

I am tired. So tired. I haven't gotten nearly enough sleep this week and I'm behind on my work.

The boys are bickering, sitting on each other, and fighting over an alligator. One of them pooped in his pants again last night. We won't say who.

Lyle has unloaded at least 4 full laundry baskets of folded clothes on the floor this week, laughing. He has also thrown shoes all over the shoe store, and chucked an art project of Baxter's into the front seat of the car, causing no end of insanity.

This is why it is the perfect weekend for Matt and me to embark on our Overnight Adventure! Yes, the cheerful, un-burned-out grandparents arrive this very morning to enjoy our beautiful, well-behaved children (ahem) for the weekend!

Matt and I are heading downtown to stay in a nice hotel and hit the city! I'll be reporting in on what we end up doing, but whatever it is, it won't be with the kids.

And right now, that's really all that I'm looking for.

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