Sunday, July 29, 2007

That's How Bad it Was

Yesterday found the four of us in our kitchen together at lunchtime, Matt and I just barely squeaking by.

The boys were exhausted because we let them stay up late to watch Star Wars (yes! we let them watch Star Wars! aren't we loosening up nicely?!)...Baxter was cranky and hyper at the same time, and Lyle was just a mess of tears and whining.

It was really horrendous.

Matt looked at me with a hopeful expression and asked cheerfully, "Do you know what would be really fun right now?"

"What?" (I knew anything would be better than what we were doing.)

"Poking our eyes out with sticks."


kristen said...

Truly, truly, truly know the feeling. And yes, poking the eyes out with sticks is preferable than listening to the whining, bickering and ongoing squables of two small boys.(I say this now with authority having just spent three lovely weeks with my son and my nephew. I love them, I do. Honest. But...)

Mrs. Chicken said...

We always say, "I'd rather be poking my own eye out with a fork."

Hope your day got better, and I apologize for laughing!