Monday, July 9, 2007

So What Should We Have?

I'm still thinking about excess today - forgive me. But as I worked out - hard! - at the Y for the first time in months thanks to some cancellations this morning, I thought, "This is what I need in excess!", which got me thinking about what we should have in excess.

In addition to exercise, I added to my list:

Uninterrupted sleep
Quiet, alone time
Uninterrupted play time with the kids
Time to talk to my husband
Time to help other people more
Coffee (without the jitters)

Oooh, look at that. It's about sleep, more time, and coffee. In that order.

I'll keep working on it.

So let me channel my inner liberal arts college grad -- therapist -- Unitarian Universalist -- softie self and ask you:

What would you really like to have in excess? (And if it's shoes - *cough* *Cara!* - go ahead and say it!)


Mrs. Chicken said...

Joy, and time with those we love.

kristen said...

Time, hands down, no contest—to write and to live and to be together. Money would be nice, too.

Becky said...

World Peace.

Cara said... play and read with my boys and to hang out with Michael and my friends.

Er...and shoes!!!!! I love them!!!!! I just can't help it!