Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going to BlogHer!

I was feeling rather ambivalent about attending BlogHer, which takes place down at Navy Pier July 27-28. My relative disinterest seemed silly because, after all, it's here in Chicago; it's not like I'd have to travel for it, as so many others are doing. Many of my favorite bloggers will be there. I'm not entirely sure of my reasons, but in some ways I appreciate the anonymity of the blogosphere and am not positive that I want to meet the women whose writing I so enjoy reading, no matter how much I think I will like them. I guess I sort of like things the way they are, if that makes sense.

Therefore, when some plans arose for that weekend, I didn't mind putting them on the calendar. Except then those plans were rescheduled...and I won a free pass to the conference as a contributing writer for Chicago Moms Blog, courtesy of Yahoo!...so it looks like I'm going to go, after all. Yahoo! seems to be a fan of the Chicago Moms Blog, because they are also hosting a fancy dinner downtown for us the night before the conference. And today I was invited by Jessica at Oh, the Joys to a fun party in a swank bar at the W Hotel that will take place after the dinner. [Added note: It has just come to my attention that "libations" at this soiree are complimentary! Thanks, Parents Magazine and Goodyblog!]

So, wow! I really am going to BlogHer, apparently!

I'll be sure to let you know who I meet and how it goes.


Mrs. Chicken said...

totally, totally jealous.

Susan said...

Oh I hope I'll get to meet you! Please!

I'll be hiding behind a potted plant, checking out everyone's shoes. Look for me there.

Oh, The Joys said...

See you there!

Shan said...

Jordan, if you do indeed meet Susan, will you please say hello to her for me, and tell her you're a friend of mine from college? And then please refrain from telling her all the old, no doubt embarrassing stories you might know about me? Because she's awesome, and I wish I could be there to hang out too. But maybe I don't need her to know about all my old early-90s fashion choices.