Monday, May 7, 2007

How Does She Do It?

No, no, just kidding. This is not about me, sillies. [Although perhaps this is a good time to admit that I do ask myself that (about, um, myself) on those rare days when I'm racing hither and yon and miraculously keeping all the balls in the air; I like to ask it in a TV voice-over kind of way to make myself laugh. Sometimes I even add the old commercial line, "...not a hair out of place!" which is even funnier because usually my hair is a mess. If you ever have an opportunity to spend a day in my head, you'll learn that I make myself laugh. A lot. As Matt says, "Nobody thinks Jordan's as funny as Jordan," and I can't deny it. I crack me up. I'm sure I should find this emabarrassing, but I don't seem to, so there it is.]

At any rate, no, let's focus here. This is about the amazing writer, Catherine Newman. I don't think I've ever read something by her that I didn't love, but some of them just really get me. She got me laughing harder than I should've been here with my lost-voice-whispery-laugh this morning with this new post at Wondertime. It so perfectly captures the stage that I see Baxter heading towards that I can hardly stand it. And she's just a damn fine - and funny - writer.

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Shan said...

Yep, she's the absolute best. Any moms out there who haven't yet read "Waiting for Birdy," get thee to a bookstore.