Thursday, May 31, 2007

Highlights of the Day

Baxter stood by the car window, apparently touching the rain drops. "I just wrote "S.B." on the window!" he told me with a grin. "What's that for...Silly Boy?" I asked distractedly, switching the backpack for the swimming bag as we got ready to head into the Y for his lesson. He named a girl in his class. My head swiveled around 3 times and my eyes bugged out. Either that or I asked - calm on the outside - "Why are you thinking of her right now?" "I don't know," he shrugged. And grinned some more.

Did I mention a girl called for him a couple weeks ago? It was mysterious; we never found out who she actually was, and therefore didn't put Baxter on the phone. Nothat he cared, he was doing his best impression of a clueless guy, lying on the couch reading a Pokemon book, totally uninterested in the unfolding drama.


I was walking down the street with Lyle when a perfect stranger looked at us and started laughing. "You two look exactly alike!" she exclaimed, delightedly. It made my day.

Baxter was getting into his swimsuit in the dressing area at the Y. He did something amusing and Lyle ran over, threw his arms around his big brother's waist, and said, "I fink you're really nice!" Baxter smiled with surprise, hugged him back, and said, "I think you're really nice, too, Lyle!"

You know you have been talking on the phone to family in the Bay Area with its horrible cell phone reception a lot when your 2-year old picks up his toy cell phone, says, "Hi? Daddy? Yeah, okay. Oh! You disappeared, Daddy!", then pretends it has rung again, and says, "Oh, there you are, Daddy! You disappeared! Daddy? Daddy? Oh. He disappeared again." Repeat.

Baxter was up in his bunk, Lyle down in his. I was stretched out on Lyle's bed, half-comatose, with my feet up by his head. "I feel yike I'm sweepin' with your yegs," he noted. This sounded good to Baxter, who immediately asked if he could come down and cuddle with us. He joined the fun, getting under the covers with his brother. "Yook! I rubbin' Baxter's back! So gentle! I'm not hittin' Baxter! C'I get a marble in the marble jar for that??"

The boys hugged and cuddled, laughing and rubbing each other's backs. I know this won't last forever. Even if they don't ever go through a period of major antagonism, I know it won't be like this little boy adoration always. But I do find myself hoping that having this foundation of love and sweetness has to help down the road. At least a little? Right? Never mind, don't answer that.


Shawn said...

oh my goodness, that cell phone conversation is hilarious!!!!

Christopher Tassava said...

What a great set of anecdotes. The first one's as worryingly or excitingly future-oriented as the others are wonderfully in-the-moment. Those two boys sound like quite the kids, individually and as a pair.