Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

As I wrote about here, I have the pleasure of passing along the Thinking Blogger Award to 5 bloggers who "make me think". There are so many of you out there, but I have narrowed it down to the five I read regularly that make me think.

1. My father, Bob Sadler, is writing an excellent blog entitled Challenging Time about his experience with cancer. His ability to be frank, candid and personal about what he is going through has been an inspiration to many of us. His blog certainly makes me think. Here is a post that I particularly appreciated. You will undoubtedly notice my father's beautiful photographs when you visit his blog. There is more information about his photography here.

2. Our friend Christopher Tassava writes regularly and well at Blowing & Drifting. I love his thoughtful and humorous tidbits about life in Northfield, working at Carleton College, and raising his two lovely daughters. And his hour-by-hour photos of a Playmobil skier out on his back patio getting pummeled by a snowstorm? Well, all those made me think was that this is one funny dude. But still: I was thinking, wasn't I?

3. The inimitable Mrs. Chicken over at Chicken and Cheese is consistently one of my very favorite reads. I have no doubt that she has received this award many times over by now, as she has a very wide readership, but if she makes so many of us think, well, then she deserves it time and time again! Thanks for making me think (and often laugh), Mrs. Chicken! I'll look forward to meeting you and the little one in Chicago this summer. You can all read one of my recent favorites here.

4. Vicki Forman writes a wonderful column at Literary Mama called Special Needs Mama. Vicki also deserves this award many times over, and this actually brings the award full-circle as she tagged the blogger who tagged me. Her open and sometimes raw writing about mothering a child with multiple special needs is beautiful. She provides insight to those of us not in her shoes and, I would imagine, a sense of comfort and solidarity to those of us who are.

5. Dana Mecuz is writing at Kaffee, Nicht Kanguruhs about his experience as an American in Vienna, Austria. Dana is another excellent writer who gives me much to think about through his writing on the culture he has become immersed in. Check out the photographs he has taken in his travels all over the world as well. He's very talented. Oh, and he happens to be my cousin. Lucky me! You can read one of my favorite recent posts here.

Recipients: thank you for your wonderful writing! And remember, you've been tagged - pass the award along to five bloggers who make you think! For more info - and to get your copy of the fancy award - go here.


Mrs. Chicken said...

Thank you, Jordan! It means a lot to me that you read CAC ... some days I feel a lot like I am talking to myself. My "readership" is not that large!

I am also not immune to the irony that the day you give me this award, I post a profanity-filled rant against my current locale. Thinking blogger? How about cussing blogger?? :)

Thanks for the love.

Jordan said...

Well, Mrs. C, I had to laugh about your most recent post, too! You notice I tried to divert readers to something less cussing!? Let's just hope the Chambana Chamber of Commerce doesn't get a hold of that post of yours - you could be blamed for singlehandedly driving the masses away. Oh, wait. What masses?? ;-)