Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Morning

We had a lovely early morning egg hunt here. I have written in the past about Baxter's generosity towards his little brother; it is surprising to us every day. On a day like Easter, however, of which I have vivid memories that involve unforgiving siblings with flying elbows trying to get at the same little candy eggs, I can only watch the kindness and generosity of our boys with something akin to awe.

I have finally put together a new video for my faraway family and it's posted on YouTube for the entertainment of anyone who has a spare 8 minutes to observe some Easter fun at our house. I suppose I should explain the clip that involves some, uh, unusual background music. Matt received an XM (satellite) radio for his birthday (am I nice, or what??) and we are totally loving it. Today while we made lunch we had it on a 40s music station and it was fabulous. (Last night's tunes from the 70s were also extremely enjoyable - think "Rainy Days and Mondays" by the Carpenters! - and I know Matt is happy to listen to the Giants on the radio again - all I appreciate about that is hearing all the old familiar ads from San Francisco; who knew I'd ever hear a Shane & Co. ad in Chicago?) This is what I mean about fun!


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