Saturday, March 3, 2007

Early Sign of Spring

Yes, it's true. I'm sure it's spring somewhere, just not here. And weather wise, there's very little sign of it. However, we can imagine spring - and even summer - now that our favorite neighborhood ice cream frozen custard shop has reopened! Yes, we have waited droolingly patiently a long time for our beloved Scooters to open its doors again. It's funny how far away that seemed back when they closed on December 1. So, counterintuitive as it seemed on Friday night, we went hooting and hollering out into the snowy night to chill ourselves right down to the bone. And as we sat there dreaming aloud about flying kites and playing on the beach this summer, we were able to forget about Old Man Winter for just a little while. Until we went back out and had a good snowball fight all the way home, that is.

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